#MetaCAugs is an informal and international group experimenting with peer-based learning and production. We try out various tools and develop methods and patterns to enhance peer learning and peer production.

We are active on various platforms. The best way to contact us is to introduce yourself on our main Telegram channel.

You can then take part in our activities:

  • take part in a weekly video-meeting (Tuesday, starting at Noon Pacific)
  • get access to our online whiteboard Miro
  • participate in a curation group on Diigo
  • engage in topical, in-depth, asynchronous discussions on Discourse
  • co-learn/ train with various platforms and tools in a WikiDojo
  • experiment with Federated Wiki
  • co-design and participate in sense-making games
  • meet people involved in a wide range of groups / projects/ networks

You can also follow along by subscribing to our weekly newsletter